About Our Company

Huayuan Sinomag International Innovation Co Ltd is a 100% subsidiary to Shanxi Economic Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd (Hereinafter Shanxi ETI), one of the largest state-owned enterprises owned and supervised by Shanxi Province and its SASAC. In June 2013, it was transformed into Shanxi Energy and Transportation Investment Co., Ltd. In April, this entity was reorganized into Huayuan International Land Port Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 18.197 billion yuan. It is mainly responsible for the layout of major logistics hubs in the province, as well as investment in land port infrastructure, exhibition of commodity circulation, multimodal transport, port and bonded services, customs clearance integration services, third-party logistics, etc. Meanwhile, it also opens and takes charge of the overall operation of China-Europe freight train project.

We provide solutions for a number of industries and areas such as automotive lightweight. The company owns a variety of products and patents, such as aluminum alloy parts, magnesium alloy materials, other components, automotive aftermarket parts, industrial adhesives, rubber conveyor belts and solid tires, molds. Besides, aluminum alloy parts, magnesium alloy materials and components are mainly used in automobile industry and 3C industry. The company has been certified by international authoritative certification bodies, such as TUV South, CQC certification, including ISO 9001, IATF16949, ISO14001, ISO45001 certification and has automotive industry top customers ,such as Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW. Industrial adhesive is used in automobile industry, electronics industry, mining industry and other industries, certified by the Volkswagen certification ,and own CATL and other well-known customers. Rubber conveyor belt and solid tire are also successfully used in coal mine, cement plant, wharf and other industries. Moulds are used in automobile and machinery manufacturing industries

Plant introduction

  • Final inspection
  • FILL Cleaning line
  • T6 heat treatment Melting furnace
  • Cooling line
  • Mould workshop
  • Three coordinate detection
  • GOM Scanning
  • mahining production line
  • mahining production line
  • large-scale washing
  • Fully automatic precision leak tester
  • Sand machine
  • casting line

Qualification Honor

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