Advanced Technology

MAGMA molding simulation

MAGMASOFT  ® is the comprehensive and effective optimization tool for improving metalcasting quality, optimizing process conditions and reducing production costs. Consequently utilizing the methodology of virtual Design of Experiments and Autonomous Optim


MAGMASOFT  ® offers the following main benefits:

  • 1.Supports all cast materials and all aspects of casting manufacture including melting and metallurgy, pattern and coremaking, cleaning and repair

  • 2.Offers a virtual test field for the reduction of metalcasting defects with high degrees of freedom without  production risk

  • 3.Establishes optimized operating points for quality, yield and cost

  • 4.Identifies optimal process conditions for robust process windows early and reliably

  • 5.Allows faster decision making to  establish saving time for all parties involved
  • 6.Empowers quality management by generating systematic understanding how process variability affects quality
  • 7.Improves communication and confidence within your company and in cooperation with customers
  • 8.Offers reliable and early information to designers for robust product and process development

Main parameter


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